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We are Manufacturers / Exporters and Supplier of
Chemical Earthing Electrodes, Galvanised Iron


Chemical Earthing Electrode

1. Fast current dissipation
• Long service life
• Remedies Safe Earthing Electrode :
• The Pipe-in-Pipe with strip Technology concept involves two "B" class mild steel pipes one inserted
   inside the other.

2. Both the pipes are subjected to hot dip galvanization : 80-100 micron on the outer electrode and 80 - 100 microns inside the electrodes.

3. Features :

• Large surface area
• ELectrolyte salts
• Soil augmentation
• Maintenance-Free
• Consistency

Chemical Earthing Rods


Chemical Earthing System

We offer a comprehensive range of high quality earthing material that are widely used in earthing systems and play a vital role in all electric system. The accurately designed earthing material offered by us are available at competitive price and safeguard both lives and equipments.

Chemical Earthing Rods

G. I. Earth Electrodes  

We "Earthlink Electrodes" are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of best quality Maintenance free Earthing. These electrodes can withstand higher fault current : which are accepted technically by large industries Our electrodes are manufactured as per Code of practice for earthing IS 3043 & under the guidance of our experts. Earthlink Electrodes are widely appreciated, also in huge demands across india for the efficiency & durability.

Earthlink Electrode is one of the most trusted. Committed, reliable earthing provider in India. Electrical industry facing various problems such as Breakdown failure, Data corruption, Accidents amounting huge losses.To avoid all these disadvantages we are perfect solution for Good Earthing.

Our product goes through stringent quality check process at various stages of production to ensure best quality output. Within a short period of time we have become first choice of customer due to our quality & service.

 G.I.Earth Electrodes
G. I. Earth Electrode Specification  
G.I.Earth Electrode

G.I.Earth Electrode G.I.Earth Electrode G.I.Earth Electrode
G. I. Electrode Copper Coated Electrode Backfill Compound
Copper Bonded Electrode Specification  
copper bonded electrode  
  • Long and reliable average life of 15 Plus years.
  • High Cost saving on maintenance;Very Fast dissipation of fault I short circut currents.
  • Low electrical resistance to earth so Safety of life and property & High Resistance to corrosion.
  • Maintenance Free & Easy to install.
  • Ideal Earthing system for electrical sensitive equipment electronic equipment and machinery.
  • Telecommunication Towers & Microwave Antennas
  • Transmission & Distribution Systems
  • Substations & Power Generations
  • Transformer Neutral & body Earthing
  • Heavy Industries, Residential Buildings
  • Lightning Arrestor Earthing
  • Data Processing Centers, Refineries & manufacturing Facilities, etc

Conventional Earthing :   
The conventional copper pit type earthing has a very erratic behavior and the ohmic values of earth resistance vary drastically on the following seasonal factor:
1. The humidity factors in all the seasons vary because ambient temperature of ground varies. The thumb rule for calculating humidity at a 20°c ambient temperature and 1° variation in either side (+/-) will vary the humidity level in the ground by 16%. You can now understand why the ohmic values remain erratic during the life of the system.
2. There is a general accepted fact and practice that pit type earthing is watered through an additional pipe running through the depth of pit in summer season obviously because of dry climate and low humidity.
3. Contrary to the belief that winter is a wet climate and has a higher humidity level it is a myth and humidity is very low in winter because the ambient temperature is in the vicinity of 4 to 6°c and as per the formula given in the paragraph one the humidity is reduce by 16% of every degree of temperature. The humidity is reduced by 16x (20-6) =224%. This is an open secret and it can be verified in the newspaper report under the heading “Today’s Weather”.
4. The coal used in the earthing pit burns and turns into ash under high level of fault currents and on the top of it the quality of coke is used is very poor(Generally in Powder form).
5. The salt used becomes water itself and looses its hygroscopic properties. Conclusion: The life of pit type of earthing is not more than 3 years irrespective of maintenance.

Chemical Pipe Earthing :   
In the above type of earthing the following important factors are taking into the consideration:
1. The hollow pipe used in the chemical pipe earthing is fitted with a G.I. strip of “appropriate size” and CCM (Crystalline conducive mixture) is compressed into the pipe and pipe is sealed at both the end.
2. CCM is a semi metal and the hollow pipe filled with CCM behave like a solid pipe and therefore the current carrying capacity increases substantially.
3. The CCM has a high melting temperature of 2500°c and unlike coal it will not burn into ashes under high temperatures of 1500°c under high fault currents occurring due to phase to phase or phase to earth fault.
4. The humidity factor (The moisture level) is maintained by Aluminium Silicate surrounding the electrode in a slurry form. The Aluminium Silicate has a property of absorbing water 13 times its weight and doesn’t dissolve in the water. It remains moist and soft throughout the life. A minimum rain fall of 2.5 cm in a year makes the Aluminium Silicate moist and humid for next one year and therefore the cycle keeps on repeating year of year. Therefore, because of quality of Aluminium Silicate no additional watering is done whether in summer, winter or rainy season i.e. under any climatic condition.

Conclusion :- The life of chemical earthing as per the reports from USA and other countries is more than 15 years with no failure records. e) In India the technology is only few years old and the failure record is almost negligible. The earthing system properly installed under the guidance of manufacturers can safely assure years and years of working life. It does not NEED any maintenance unlike Conventional plate earthing.
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